Rejuvenate Atlanta

Now, more than ever, we deserve effective coalition-building leadership committed to making sure that our City prospers. This philosophy is the driving force behind my candidacy and my willingness to serve our great City.

Improve public safety by putting more cops on the beat and creating incentives to retain and recruit more fire and police personnel.

Partner with the Atlanta School Board to improve education and create effective After-school Programs to help combat adolescent crime and truancy.

Advocate for better practices in spending at City Hall and work to implement a new finance accountability structure.

Implement technology efficiencies to provide more transparency in government.

Create new jobs and grow the economy by supporting tax incentives and reducing bureaucracy for small businesses.

Make sure City Hall works for you by sweeping streetsenforcing codes and maintaining clean, safe parks.

Support regional transportation alternatives and secure more funding for MARTA, walking/bike trails and sidewalks.

Work to protect human rights and ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect.

Always listen and remain accessible to all Atlantans. Every resident deserves a city that works for them.